Blue jeans with what T-shirt?

Blue jeans is a hand of a single product, and T-shirt is also comfortable and real wear on behalf of, T-shirt + jeans this bad street combination, how to wear fashionable and eye-catching it? Here to see the street shot icon who are favored with what way to teach you what blue jeans with T-shirt look good!

Blue jeans + white T

Try to match high heels, white T+ blue jeans always give casual casual feeling, but put on Gauguin shoes, gas field instant eight meters.

Choose nine or seven length jeans, showing a longer leg, but also more chic, neat.

Nowadays the letters T, logoT ram and graphic T is to steal the spotlight, and flaunt the fashionable attitude of magic, to win it!

 The design details with slits, elegant woman, sexy long legs are all.

Straps worn out with a combination of white T can be more up forced.

Blue jeans + black T
BLACK TEE is cool and sexy, with blue jeans to explain more than a variety of styles, such as the popular supermodel Karlie Kloss love to use high heels to wear elegant queen Fan Er.

The beaver wore a combination of mesh socks and Martin boots, very handsome!

Of course, can also be like South Korea Girls this, with small white shoes, wear fresh vitality.
Blue jeans + grey T
Blue jeans match gray T, more casual casual, and do not scramble for the attitude of claiming a faction, the United States advanced.

Blue jeans + stripe T
Striped T from the ocean, fresh and full of blue jeans, will add an elegant French chic.

Blue jeans + blue T
The same color collocation is one of the most popular color for the star icon, because of its advanced and highly unified color world, a sense of presence, and the depth of the gradient is also very beautiful.

Blue jeans + yellow T
To attract attention, choose yellow, blue, hit color, retro and trendy colors make you effortless

In fact, the inclusive strong cowboy does not violate any color collocation, just note that in other Tee color collocation, accessories choose no color, to maintain the overall elegant tonal, beautiful and stylish ~ can


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