Calvin Klein releases 2017 fall underwear series

Calvin Klein is famous for its simple comfortable Underwear, three different series of new products were launched in the fall of 2017, and have more breakthroughs in functional and tailoring, so that women can choose suitable underwear according to their own needs.

Calvin Klein Sculpted
With warm and elegant tone, combined with mesh breathable fabric, and padded and elastic steel ring, the invisible invisible underwear is made. It emphasizes lightness and comfort, and makes women more free to match clothes.

Calvin Klein Customized Stretch
That fit and functional underwear, simple and neat appearance, and the use of transparent material is not significant on the logo collocation words, design a docile style, very suitable for the ride home leisure wear.

Calvin Klein Black
To superfine fiber technology, emphasizing sexy lines cut, interspersed with detailed lace details, showing the charm of women's delicate sexy charm.

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