H&M elegant release new underwear series

Fast fashion brand H&M in garment accessories always have new features, but many people seem to ignore the H&M in pajamas series, but also has a certain level of design and quality, in terms of price is more amiable and easy of approach. H&M's new "boudoir beauty" in pajamas series, the woman's inner beauty with comfortable and sexy, create the most addictive single product.

H&M uses a thin fabric, with lace and embroidery yarn, and metal buckles, creating a series of push up bra, underwear, no rims bra, vest type jumpsuit and complete sets of comfortable underpants and so on, mainly in a low-key, black, red, dry powder, bare rose, Purple Lilac, convey soft elegance temperament, also let a woman can show the most confident and charming sexy charm in the boudoir.

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